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It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and is located in Bag Rak Koh Samui. The villa is ideal for 6 people and boasts fascinating views of the sea. Located 15 minutes away from Chaweng, Baan Dalah is just 10 minutes away from the airport and is very accessible. The magnificent blue waters will take your breath away.

The scenery is gorgeous and will make any holiday even more special. Early bird discounts are given to those who will book their stay ahead of time.The property evokes a typical ancient Balinese garden. There are a lot of tropical plants and antique ornaments to create a feeling of home. From the grounds to the interiors, everything about the Baan Dalah is tastefully done. It features a nice covered sala, with plenty of seats to relax on.

There is also a swimming pool so guests can swim whatever time it is of the day. Lounge chairs are beside the pool---perfect for those who would like to soak up some sun or enjoy the scenery after swimming. All the three bedrooms are spacious and stylish, with muted warm colors to give a feeling of comfort to the guests.

The two bedrooms have a king size bed, while the third bedroom has a two single beds. All of Koh Samui villas have a satellite TV, a CD player, and a DVD player. Rich fabrics are used to decorate the space and accent the beds. A nice work table is available too. The en suite bathrooms are very comfortable and feature modern fixtures and roomy showers. On site there is a reliable internet connection to make browsing hassle free. Movie fans will be very happy to know that there is a home theatre on site as well. The dining area is perfect for six people and features an elegant dining table and matching chairs. The modern kitchen is just nearby and is complete with all the cooking essentials, cutlery, and dinner ware that guests might need.

Private Beach Villas Koh Samui

The living area features harmonious colors and furnishings that are inspired by the island. Baan Dalah is a perfect holiday home for those who love to be at the beach. Kitesurfing Phuket is only a few hours away from the white sand beach. The water is peaceful and the sand is so powdery and white. Guests will enjoy taking long strolls early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Couples can enjoy watching the sunset while having an early dinner along the shore at luxury villas Koh Samui. They can also prepare sumptuous grills and BBQ’s. At this place, a holiday is bound to be more special as the ambience is so romantic and serene. This property is highly recommended.

It is a lush exotic island that is known for its enchanting beaches and warm climate that is perfect for a day spent outdoors. For a bigger space, a good property to consider as a home away from home is Upni Duniya. Considered to be one of the most lavish vacation villas on the island, this is perfect for 18 people. There are ten bathrooms and eight luxurious bedrooms.

Just 10 minutes away from the airport, it is highly accessible and is ideal for celebrations, office outings, and family reunions. Elaborate luxury combined with naturally beautiful surroundings is what Upni Duniya is all about. Security is tight so everyone can relax without worries. The concept is traditional Thai combined with sophisticated European elements to bring about a unique ambience that Upni Duniya can provide. The beach is blue and stunning, with soothing waters and long stretch of sand that gives a feeling of freedom and infinite space. The design of the villa---floor to ceiling windows and open sides---makes the most of this spectacular scenery.

Be it for a wedding in Koh Samui, a company affair, or simply a get together with friends, this place will make any event even more special. Internet connection is available, so even if you are in the middle of this beautiful haven you can still connect with friends and family back home. Located in Bang Rak Beach, the beach features water that is safe for swimming and water sports. The location is only 15 minutes from Chaweng Beach.

The rates include a filling breakfast so you can start the day with a surge of energy. The living area/ dining area is grand and luxurious. With high wooden ceilings, this is large stylish room and is among the best parts of the property. Designer lamps hang on the ceiling to give soft lighting at night. Cushy chairs are used in the living room as seats. The dining table is elegant and features native chairs. The kitchen is nearby and has a nice breakfast counter. It is fully equipped so preparing meals is convenient and more enjoyable.

State of the art entertainment system is available. There are plasma TV’s, DVD players, and branded stereo systems for the best beats while you party. The beachfront pool is big. There is also a spacious Jacuzzi tub. On site, guests can rent a car. Thai cooking lessons are also available. The place has an impressive wine list and a highly qualified chef that can prepare the best selection of local foods.

Upni Duniya is special than other villas in Thailand because it is designed to impress and impart a feeling of extreme luxury. Here, the scenery is simply the best and will totally make you forget about the stressful demands of the city life.


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